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ImageCommon NameScientific NameDescriptionView Details
Blue Bunny Spreading SedgeBlue Bunny Spreading Sedge12-16", large, dense, moderately spreading clumper with beautiful silvery blue color, likes moist soils, perfect for borders, new selection from Head Ornamentals View Details
Variegated  Japanese SedgeVariegated Japanese SedgeCarex morrowii 'Ice Dance'12-18", clumping form, dark green foliage has wide leaf and prominent creamy-white margins, best used in shadeView Details
Silver Sceptre Carex, Japanese SedgeSilver Sceptre Carex, Japanese SedgeCarex morrowii 'Silver Sceptre'12-15", spreads slowly, wide green leaves edged with crisp silvery-white margins, creates lovely cascading effect at edge of a water feature, likes rich moist soilView Details
Everillo Golden SedgeEverillo Golden Sedge10-12", groundcover makes 2' wide clumps, quarter inch wide lime green foliage progresses to bright golden yellow, fades to chartreuse in shade, weeping habit, good for shady rock gardens, mixed containers and bordersView Details
Evergold CarexEvergold CarexCarex oshimensis 'Evergold' (syn 'Aurea-variegata')10-12", groundcover makes 2' wide clumps, quarter inch wide dark green leaves have prominent creamy gold stripes, weeping habitView Details
Gold Strike CarexGold Strike CarexCarex oshimensis 'Gold Strike'10-15", small clumping grass, heavily arching foliage, pale yellow leaves with green margins, resembles Evergold, but with a narrower green marginView Details
Sparkler SedgeSparkler SedgeCarex phyllocephala 'Sparkler'12-15", slow-spreading dense clumper, upright evergreen stems with tufts of spiraling variegated white and green striped foliage at tips, flower clusters appear at crowns in fall View Details


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